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To request a quote from MultiMedia Dimensions, please select and complete one of the Quote Requests below with details about your project. Please provide all of the contact information requested so we may follow up with you if we have additional questions.

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Company Name
Your Name
Telephone No.
Email Address

1. This project will require (Check all that apply):

Audio/Visual Services
       Corporate Meeting
       Educational Event
CD - Windows only
CD- Macintosh only
CD - Windows / Macintosh hybrid
Video / DVD
I am also interested in the possibilities of placing this project on:

       BetaCam SP videotape
Internet Web Site
Intranet (internal) site
3/4 inch SP videotape
VHS or Hi8/8 mm videotape

2. What is the development timeline?

Start Date:        Complete By:

3. If Audio/Visual Services are required, please provide the following information:
Location (Hotel/Venue):
Length of Event:
Number of Attendees:
Number of Speakers:
Audio Preferences:
       Standard Audio
Seating Type:
U Shape
A/V Requirements (Check all that apply):
A/V Light Package Podium Mic
Blue Curtain Backing Projection Screen Kit
Caramate Slide Projectot Kit
Cue System (Hard Wired) Sound System 4 Speakers
DAT Recorders VGA Switcher
Flipcharts Walkie Talkies
Laptop w/PowerPoint Wired Table Mics
Laser Pointer Wireless Handhelds
LCD Projector Wireless Lavs
Mackie Mixer and Equalizer

For all other services, please provide the following information:

4. What is the basic content anticipated? (Please be as specific as possible.)

(Please describe quantity, formats, etc. here)
Audio Track(s)
(Approximate Total Duration)
Still Photographs
(Describe quantity and format)
(Total time and format of the source tapes)
Computer Graphics
(2D, 3D, Digital Video, Animation, etc.)
(Please describe in detail)
(Please describe in detail)
5. If audio or video is involved, will MultiMedia Dimensions be involved in the creation and editing as well      as the processing?         Yes        No
6. How much video will be created / processed by MultiMedia Dimensions?

    Number of Minutes, Number of Clips, Etc.
7. What materials will you provide?


8. What materials will need to be created by MultiMedia Dimensions?


9. When will the content to be provided by you be available?


10. Will all of the content be used in the project "as is" or will some editing be required?
      Please be as specific as possible.


11. What is the level of interactivity of the finished project?
Self-running (demonstration)
Simple menu control (text or buttons)
Interactive Graphical Interface
12. If Search and Query capability is required, will it be:
Simple word / phrase search capability, or
From a database
       What level of query will be necessary?

       Will database be provided or will MultiMedia Dimensions need to build it?
       Database will be provided.
       MultiMedia Dimensions will need to build it.

13. Additional Comments: