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Pre-Production Services

Production Coordination - MMD Productions coordinates your entire production or just one aspect of it, including organizing a qualified production crew, arranging locations, permits, developing production schedules, and casting.

Production Services

Camera Crews - MMD Productions assembles the best team to get your job done right, and we take into consideration any budgetary concerns. We'll have access to the necessary video personnel who are highly specialized in their given area of video production.

Line Producing - As line producers on location, we serve you by managing the production crew and helping see the production phase through to completion.

Post Production Services

Non-Linear Editing - Our In-House Editing Suites, both Apple MACs and PCs are the state-of-the-art editing systems which features the latest digital video technology, including the Final Cut Pro, Media 100, Avid Xpress, Matrox and Adobe Premiere CS4. We also compress and stream video for the Web, CD-ROM and we also offer in-house DVD production services.

Video Graphics

Our Graphics Workstations include Apple MACs and PC-based systems. We offer everything from basic graphic design to complex 3D animation using Adobe CS4 graphic technologies applications.

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